Owner Testimonials

Hi my name is Bashir Fayad from Melbourne Australia landlord if two properties in Jacksonville Florida, for the last six months or so I have been searching for realestate agent to manage my properties which I have tried them mostly all and connect with every one on the phone believe or not every one of them has failed me not one sincere able to answer my call nor reply to my emails. Until I was connected with all county realestate management which my last chance the next thing I was connected with Paula Givler which she turn out outstanding agent very effective efficient, and very out there reliable to the extreme, she have saved me from triple heart attacks. Paula turned out to made Jacksonville fl proud. She is the lady of mean and substance thank Paula keep up the good work I am grateful to u God bless you, and thank God for you

Bashir Fayad

Over the last few years I have been extremely pleased with your service, your prompt responses, and accessibility. It allowed me to put my properties in your good hands with full trust in your ability and integrity.

Gaurang Pandya

Paula was great managing all of our Florida properties!

Jodie Z.

Paula managed my properties for a few years, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. She is highly professional and very quick to respond.
April 27, 2016

Jacob C.

I just want to say THANK YOU to Paula Givler and All County! In a time where my family was moving out of state for my job, Paula gave us one less thing to worry about. When she told me that she could probably get our home rented in about two weeks, I thought she was crazy! Low and behold, we had a signed lease with great tenants within 15 days of our home being advertised. Our recent relocation went smoother than expected, and I know we owe a lot of that to Paula. She's given us the peace of mind we were looking for in a property management company. Paula, we can't thank you enough.

Henry Wisniewski

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paula Givler of All County CFL for two back to back clients for my rental homes in Hammock Pointe. As the builder/developer of this community I was left with three unsold spec homes. Initially I rented these homes myself and it was time consuming, cumbersome and sometimes they set empty for several months without generating income. Paula located qualified tenants within 14 days of contacting her on two of these homes in September and October 2010.

I just recommended Paula to a friend at Keller-Williams Realty and would recommend her and All County to anyone that has a home to lease or rent.

Thank you for a great job!!!

Kent Smith, Kent Custom Homes, Inc

I just want to say a deep, heart-felt, LOUD, and really im-measurable THANK YOU; to...

Stephanie & Don Smith